David opened his eyes 5 years after he last closed them. His trigger memories did not return to him right away. He was capable of thought but not yet with words or language. He couldn’t move his body but his vitals were functioning on their own now. He was naked and suspended in what is best described as air. If he remembered what being at peace was, he would say he was peaceful.

A globe, the size of his head, like a shiny blob of liquid mercury, hovered above him. It was shimmering as if continuously adjusting its form, maintaining its spherical shape. It hovered with a hypnotic stillness. He looked at it without curiosity or fear or any emotion at all. His eyes focused on it because that was all there was to focus on. He had started to feel sleepy before the liquid ball changed form, oblong now, and began to glow, a pulsing dull green.  The light grew in intensity and suddenly spilled out in the form of a laser sheet. The sheet of green light slowly moved across his torso, scanning his body from head to toe. When the light reached his toes, the colour changed to blue and it started to scan back upwards to his head. The light abruptly went off and the blob returned to its former shape. If David was connected to his higher senses, he would have felt an intense feeling of well being as the light coursed over him. A thought was imprinted in his mind which can be best translated into words as ‘You’re almost there.’ The globe hovered away from him till he could not see it again. He slept.


He woke. Things were different this time. He remembered everything. He remembered his wife and children. He remembered his mission. He remembered his—-death. What is going on, he thought. Is this heaven? He remembered what he saw the last time he was awake. Everywhere was white. He could see only his body. There was absolutely no sense of scale. Because there were no shadows, he couldn’t tell where the room started or ended. He couldn’t tell if he was even in a room for everything was emitting light but not light that cast shadows. It was intangible light, that didn’t cast shadows or blind him. He was lying down and he got up. He was held up, but by what force he could not tell. He could walk but walking didn’t feel like going anywhere for there was no relative movement of anything else. He called out in English but absolutely no sound came forth. He screamed, ‘HEY,’ but nothing.

Then a thought came into his mind. It was not his thought. It was not inspiration. It was imprinted, stamped. It was very alien and intrusive. It was as loud and clear as anything he had ever heard. The thought was not in a language. It just was. The thought told him, “You died. You’re reborn”

He didn’t know how to respond. He tried to speak but remembered what happened earlier.

Another thought was deposited into him, ‘Whatever you think, we’re privy to it’

You mean you can hear me, he thought. Who are you?

Who we are is not important. Who you are is.


To be continued


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